About Us

Welcome to Hurricane Filters, where crystal-clear waters meet cutting-edge pool and spa filtration solutions. As a premier provider in the pool filter industry, we take pride in delivering top-notch products that redefine the standards of water purity and pool maintenance, while still providing competitive pricing for pool distributors, professionals, retail stores and homeowners.

At Hurricane Filters, we understand the significance of a pristine pool experience. Whether the end user is a homeowner, pool professional, or commercial property manager, our mission is to enhance everyone’s aquatic oasis with state-of-the-art cartridge filtration options designed for efficiency, durability, and unparalleled performance.

We were founded with a commitment to bring domestic pool cartridge filter manufacturing, production, and distribution back to the USA. Hurricane brings decades of combined expertise in the manufacturing, production, and sales of pool filter cartridges. Our team consists of industry veterans who are passionate about creating solutions that not only meet but exceed our customer’s and client’s expectations.

We believe that every pool should be a haven of relaxation and enjoyment, free from the hassles of maintenance and the worries of impure water.

We also believe effective pool filtration solutions should be affordable, easy to clean and convenient for the busy homeowner, pool professional or commercial pool maintenance manager