Troubleshooting Common Pool Cartridge Filter Problems

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Maintaining a clean and efficient pool requires a well-functioning filter cartridge. However, even the best filter cartridges can encounter problems over time. In this post, we’ll explore some common pool filter cartridge issues and provide troubleshooting tips to help you keep your pool in top condition.

1. Reduced Water Flow

Problem: Reduced water flow through the filter system.


  • Clogged or dirty filter cartridge
  • Blockages in the plumbing or skimmer basket
  • Pump issues


  • Clean the filter cartridge thoroughly. Soak it in a filter cleaning solution to remove debris and oils.
  • Check and clean the skimmer basket and pump strainer.
  • Inspect the plumbing for blockages and clear any debris.
  • Ensure the pump is functioning correctly and not losing prime.

2. Short Filter Cycle

Problem: The filter cycle is shorter than usual, requiring frequent cleaning.


  • Excessive debris or algae in the pool
  • Poor water chemistry
  • Worn-out filter cartridge


  • Remove large debris from the pool with a skimmer net.
  • Balance the pool water chemistry, maintaining proper pH and sanitizer levels.
  • Clean the filter cartridge more frequently.
  • Consider replacing the filter cartridge if it shows signs of wear and tear.

3. High Filter Pressure

Problem: The filter pressure gauge shows high readings.


  • Dirty or clogged filter cartridge
  • Blockages in the return lines
  • Overfilled pool


  • Clean the filter cartridge thoroughly.
  • Inspect and clear any blockages in the return lines.
  • Check the pool water level and adjust if necessary.

4. Cloudy Pool Water

Problem: The pool water remains cloudy despite filtration.


  • Ineffective filtration due to a dirty or damaged filter cartridge
  • Imbalanced water chemistry
  • Presence of algae or contaminants


  • Clean or replace the filter cartridge.
  • Test and balance the pool water chemistry.
  • Shock the pool to eliminate algae and contaminants.
  • Use a pool clarifier to help clear the water.

5. Filter Cartridge Damage

Problem: The filter cartridge shows signs of physical damage or wear.


  • Improper cleaning techniques
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Age and usage


  • Handle the filter cartridge gently during cleaning.
  • Use appropriate cleaning solutions and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Replace the filter cartridge if it is damaged or worn out.


Regular maintenance and proper troubleshooting of your pool filter cartridge can help prevent common issues and ensure your pool remains clean and inviting. If you encounter persistent problems or need high-quality replacement filters, Hurricane Pool Filters offers a wide range of OEM replacement filters for most major brands. Keep your pool filtration system in top shape with reliable and efficient filter cartridges from Hurricane Pool Filters.